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‘In a mood of celebration, Roddenbury made a gift of the year’s blooper reel for the Christmas party of 1967. “We worked terribly long hours, and Star Trek was a very difficult show to do at that time, and I don’t know, we just more or less exploded in one way or another.” Kelley was embarrassed. Roddenbury was not only aware of Kelley and Majel Barrett’s rather earthy outtakes, but Roddenbury was by then Barrett’s lover, and Kelley was a little crimson when those takes were in the blooper reel. “We could have been blackmailed,” he recalled, but he was guilty of little more than cracking up and being the frequent target of Shatner’s habit of kissing men on the mouth.’

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Took the stars from our eyes: synthezoid: alliterate: [image described in alt text]Okay, there are...



animated gif of spock, mccoy and kirk from star trek. spock yammers away over mccoy's shoulder while mccoy smiles, nods, then slowly frowns and turns to raise an eyebrow at spock. kirk watches them both fondly.

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Okay, there are two main things I need to mention here:

  1. This was saved as “thatshowtheyflirt.jpg” in my folder. The thing is, I never ever rename files when I’m just saving pictures from the interent, so I really, I want to…

Yay! Another De Kelly fan!!!

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