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a ficlet what I wrote for shayzgirletc!  Maybe there will be more one of these days? ^-^


“It’s really not fair,” James says thoughtfully, head tipping to one side. Michael freezes in the act of loosening his tie, dropping his hands to his sides. He knows that tone. James isn’t idly complaining, and he’s not making a joke. He sees a wrong, and he’s working out how to right it.

“Some particular injustice you’re thinking of?” he asks, although, with the way James’ eyes are raking over his body, hot, purposeful, and so, so focused, Michael thinks he has a pretty good idea.

“You wore that suit for other people for hours,” James says. He’s sitting dead centre on the couch, arms spread wide across the back, but it’s not an invitation, not quite. More like the promise of one. “I think it’s time you wore it for me.”

“You should come to my premiere next time,” Michael says, a mock protest, no sting.  He’d missed having James at his side, but James had been off pouring his talents into an event for underprivileged youth, and how could Michael do anything but love him for that?

James raises his eyebrows.  “Don’t feel like I should have to wait until next time.”

“Fair enough.” Michael uncurls his fingers, relaxes his shoulders, and waits.

James gets up from the couch in one fluid movement. Michael’s slightly disappointed - if James were hard already, from the sight of him and from anticipation, there would have been an undeniable hitch in the motion.  But there’s no dwelling on it, because James is in front of him in no time, tongue licking at his lip, thinking.

“May as well finish what you started,” James decides, and taps the half-done knot of Michael’s tie with one finger.  

So Michael does, working the tie open but leaving it on, popping the top two buttons of his shirt.  It’s easier to breathe that way, but only for a moment, because James slides his palms along Michael’s waistcoat, fingertips light, palms heavy, drawing together to stop just above the fastening of  his trousers.

“This silk,” he says. “I bet you don’t even know how fuckin’ amazing it is.  Let me see -” his hands slide down further, straight down Michael’s thighs.  There’s a brief whisper of pressure over the head of Michael’s cock on the way, but a dispassionate, uninterested one: it’s simply been between James and his goal. “Ah. No, you don’t,” James says, tracing the hem of Michael’s boxer-briefs around his left thigh. “Shame.”

“Oh yeah?” Michael leans in and steals the first kiss of the night. It starts with a firm press of lips, because, quite frankly, that’s what he’d like to do with his hips: push forward, feel the planes of James’ stomach pressing against his cock.

“Yeah,” James says when they part. “I’ll show you.”


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12th September 2014

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leepala asked:

I've spent the last several hours considering how fassbender looks at mcavoy like icarus staring into the sun, send help


there is no help friend

there is no defence against the knowledge

it is just so abundantly painfully clear that James McAvoy is Michael Fassbender’s Absolute No.1 Favouritest Person on the Whole Entire Planet And If He Had To Pick A Guy 








there is nothing I can do about this


King Charles II and his favorite composer/lover Erik Lehnsherr

(or the AU I imagined while visiting Neuschwanstein castle, where Charles is Bavarian king Ludwig II and Erik is Richard Wagner) 

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