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Requested and Delivered

(My writing skills are certainly not at the level yours are, but I saw your request and had to fulfill it.)

Ha! Ha ha ha!

The reward had been raised in light of the Muffin’s new found skills, and the 50,000 milkbones was attracting more hunters than ever. But she had found the Muffin! Or rather, evidence of the Muffin.

Gripping her butterfly net tight in her jaws, and hoping her chainmail shirt didn’t make too much noise, the corgi crept closer.

Those milkbones would be hers!

"O-ohh… Ragnar!"

Grunts, groans and growled words came through the bushes she was hiding in, and smells assaulted her sensitive nose. What in the name of butt wiggles was that? No matter, the Muffin was surely in trouble!

She shoved her head out, and saw…


"If you want to watch little dog, the view is better from over here."


"I’ll even help you up."

The corgi thought for a moment. She could hardly manage to capture both men in her butterfly net… And if she had a better view, she could wait until the Muffin was alone and carry him to safety!

Course of action decided, she trundled off to the strange man perched in the tree, leaving the Muffin (…Was this one named Grantaire maybe?) to his strange wrestling. Honestly, sweaty and dirty and… at least he didn’t need to worry about washing his clothes. He wasn’t wearing them after all.

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