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Yeah… Charles definitely is ‘dainty’… 

They put a lot of effort into hiding McAvoy’s frame in the saggy clothes, didn’t they?

It’s not as if he wore a skintight suit for a bigger part of the movie that showed off he had the best arse among the men or thighs that could break Erik’s waist in two…

You wouldn’t do that with someone who was ‘chubby’, right?…

I’ll stop with the sarcasm now.

Yes he’s smaller than the others and has somewhat feminine features (especially compared to Erik), but that isn’t dainty or worse: fragile. Don’t get me wrong, McAvoy did play him professorly, but at the same time he OUTRAN Hank. And tried to knock-out Erik with bodily force. That’s not dainty.

^^^ This

McAvoy played him as an intellectual and pacifist, which was correct. However, Xavier was never, ever dainty.

You can’t “play” dainty, anyway. Either you’re dainty or you’re not.

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Having witnessed no less than ELEVEN DIFFERENT RELATIONSHIPS END because one party was ‘suddenly’ into the same sex, I could argue this into the ground.

I will argue, however, that the ‘just fall in love’ DOES happen. Love doesn’t usually come in with a marching band, some fireworks and free tacos…it sort of lands on you. Like bird shit. It ‘just’ happens, usually when you’re trying NOT to. 

And speaking of bias, think about this for a minute: Popular media has only just recently begun to treat non-heteronormative characters with any sort of realism; how do you really think that a man who boards teenagers would have been portrayed  in the 60’s? 70’s? And the 80’s, with the AIDS fears and conservative world leadership actually made it worse. There is no way they could have written him openly gay/bisexual and kept him has a hero. 

Hence….subtext. And plenty of it. If you would take off your one way mirror blinders, you’d see that there’s room for all of it. 


I can “villanize” a man willing to destroy the whole humanity so that only his species can survive. Magneto is a crazy dictator, and I don’t think the world would suddenly turn into lovely place - not even for mutants  - with him as its leader.

He would persecute and kill mutants himself, if they dared stand in his way. Just like he told Charles. And everybody seems to think that Magneto is great and even lovely now, because of First Class, and so easily dismiss the fact that he almost killed Rogue, left Charles to die in X2 and abandoned Mystique when she no longer interested him as an allie (just like he did to Charles in Cuba, btw). A crappy person, if you ask me.

Magneto’s “final solution” is so absurd that, after all the Hitlers and Maos and Stalins of this world, I don’t have any idea how could someone align with him and his methods.

I would totally align with Xavier as opposed to Magneto, even if I were a mutant.

I love the comments on this confession. It’s just plain interesting to follow.

(Source: xmen-confessions)


I have to disagree. Personally I feel that the first film we were able to unravel how Erik Lehnsherr created and became the persona ‘Magneto’ while we have yet to see Charles Xavier journey as he transitions into the figure ‘Professor X’ as seen in the X-men trilogy.

I was honestly hoping they wouldn’t concentrate on just one of these characters actually, but found a way to convey their stories equally.

See, I don’t get this confession because if you love Charles, you should know that he is a BADASSMOTHERFUCKER. Legs or not, he kicked ass all over the place. He was always in the thick of things even when he was in the wheelchair. 

That’s what I want. I want The Brotherhood to be in some serious shit, turn down help from the X-Men out of pride and have Charles ride roughshod over Erik’s decision and save his ass. Because he can, and he DID, many many times…

(Source: xmen-confessions)

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